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At Proxilogica we have a strong understanding of the entire design process, including a working knowledge base from decades of experience that drives optimal decision making.  Whether your project calls for a straightforward double sided PCB or an HDI circuit board requiring blind/buried vias we will work closely with you to ensure all design objectives are met.


  • Mixed analog/digital design

  • High voltage/current

  • High ball count FPGA - Xilinx/Altera etc, uBGAs

  • PCIe Gen 1/2/3

  • DDR2/3/4

  • Signal rates of 10Gbits/s and above (25Gbits/s)

  • USB 2.0 & 3.0

  • InfiniBand

  • 10GigE and 100GigE

  • SFP+

  • QSFP and QSFP28

Board Specific​

  • 20+ layers

  • HDI - blind/buried and micro vias

  • Rigid-Flex

  • Lead free / high temp materials

  • RoHS 5/6 and RoHS 6/6

  • Low loss tangent and dielectrics

  • Controlled impedance

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)



Cadence is the primary tool of choice at Proxilogica for circuit board design and layout:

  • OrCAD Schematic Capture

  • OrCAD PCB Designer

  • Allegro PCB Designer

We can also work with Mentor Graphics, PADS and Altium as required.

For mechanical design and analysis we use SolidWorks.

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