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Whether you are looking for an all inclusive package or help with any specific portion of the design flow, Proxilogica offers a wide range of services to help ensure your project is done right.  The following is the minimum required to get started for a turnkey project:

  • Project definition - what is it and what are the required functions?

  • Project constraints in terms of time and cost, including a list of specific components to be used and any physical limitations for the PCB and mechanical assembly.

  • Any software requirements

What you receive:

  • Completed schemactic, netlist and BOM

  • Completed PCB board file

  • All gerber files and assembly drawings required for fabrication and assembly (PDF copies as well)

  • Final signal integrity / simulation reports (if desired)

  • A liaison with the contract manufacturer (if desired)

  • All computer code (if desired)

Most of our projects are done fixed price, however for those projects with tight timelines or where the project definition is not fully defined or is changed, we will charge by the hour.

In More Detail...

Schematic Design

  • Component selection

  • Low noise analog

  • High speed digital (DDR3/4, PCIe Gen 3, SFP+, QSFP28, 100GigE...)

  • Circuit analysis using spice

  • Over 20 years experience designing for the Telecom, Enterprise and HPC industries

Circuit Board Layout

  • Land pattern / footprint generation in accordance to JEDEC and IPC-7351 standards

  • Stack up creation: 2-48 layers, controlled impedance, proper material/laminate selection

  • High speed routing:  DDR3/4, PCIe Gen 3, USB3.0, GigE, QSFP

  • HDI: blind/buried/micro vias

  • Final gerber file generation:  Fabrication and assembly drawings, ODB++, artwork files and drill data

Signal Integrity

  • Pre-route simulation:  sweep analysis for determining optimal termination resistor values and signal model selection where on die termination is available

  • Post-route simulation: reflection analysis (overshoot/undershoot), eye diagrams (low and high voltage thresholds)

  • Crosstalk analysis

  • Dynamic and static phase control for all differential pairs

  • S-Parameter generation:  S21 (insertion loss) and S22 (reflection loss)

Mechanical Enclosure Design

  • All mechanical designs done in 3D using SolidWorks

  • 2D drawing creation

  • Full final assembly model takes into account the PCB, heatsinks, connectors, cable harnesses, etc to ensure 100% successful mating

  • Thermal analysis and air flow simulation as required

Software Development

  • CPLD, FPGA programming

  • Firmware

  • Proficient in C/C++, Python, and many other languages

  • Experience with Synplify and ModelSim

  • Webpage development

  • Linux environment

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Schematic Design
Circuit Board Layout
Signal Integrity
Mechanical Enclosure Design
Software Development
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